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Do you know that as you are entering your school, about 121 million children  all over the world do not have  accessto education? And when you are too lazy to open your books, do youknow that there are many millions of people who cannot read and write. Do you know that at themoment you are buying  a new dress in a shop, more than half the people in the worldare living on less than 2.5 dollars a day, and  20% of people on less than 1dollar. Do you know that whilst turning on a tap several times aday to wash yourself or have a glass of water,  millions of people in the world donot have access to drinking water? When you do not want to tidy your room, do you knowthat millions of children are working as slaves being exploited, hungry, and without payment? When you are complaining about your job or boss, do you know that millions of people allover the world are unemployed or without any rights? Do you know that while thinking whatyou are going to eat, 24 000 people are dying of hunger?  Do you know…?

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Free download of didactic materials for teaching English

27.02.2017, Bojana M.

We are pleased to inform you that author Darja Vtič, professor of English, prepared two wonderful workbooks for English lessons, which represent a continuation of her very successful manual "Angleščina skozi čudovit svet zgodb" (English through a wonderful world of stories). Materials are available for free download here: 
* Učimo jih sreče 1 (We teach them happiness 1) and 
* Učimo jih sreče 2 (We teach them happiness 2)
The author pays special attention to the content that enables students to learn about universal human values and compassion. All the stories and exercises are in English, so don't let the Slovenian title and introduction page stop you. ;) We are happy that we are able to share this wonderful content also with those who don't speak Slovene and can't therefore enjoy the books we published. 

Madam Ann is visiting Slovenia

02.06.2016, Katja B.

Association and Foundation For a Better World are hosting Annah Caroline Annam or as friends like to call her Madam Ann in Slovenia. Madam Ann is a remarkable woman from rural region of Kenya. She is a headmaster of a primary school, a great humanitarian worker and a dedicated teacher. Her lifelong efforts resonate in the entire community where she helped gain access to quality education to many children. She is a bright example not only to Kenyans but also to the entire global community. We have been cooperating with her school since 2010. This is her first visit of Europe and we are honored to be her hosts. Madam Ann will share her inspiring story in a series of lectures throughout Slovenia. 

Let’s create a better world together!

29.02.2016, Bojana M.

We like to offer our expertise, professionalism and creativity to cooperate and support projects that inspire and motivate children, youth and adults to lead meaningful healthy life style and to create a sustainable society. Our reliability, dedication and enthusiasm serve to society and lead us to create a better world. If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas, don't hesitate to contact us!

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07.09.2015, Bojana M.

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Donation to Section of Tropical Medicine

22.01.2012, Katja B.

The Foundation for a Better World and the Novo Analitica Company d.o.o. have donated a Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer for the needs of medical  expeditions through the Department  of Tropical Medicine at the Medical Faculty, Ljubljana. This analyzer is of great importance for further missions by our doctors when visiting third- world countries. It has the  great ability to provide the many different blood results (electrolyte, kidney, liver and metabolic tests, and more) needed to diagnose  diseases, taking only 10 minutes. It will already be doing it's job next month in Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar and other places. At this occasion we thank, in the  name of the Foundation, the director of Novo Analitica  Jože Stergulec, and we wish the Department every success healing patients in Tropical areas.

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